We’re Back!

What a busy few weeks its been! Here are some things we learned over Christmas:

**Grandma G is a great reader.

*Grandpa(Bumpa)R is silly.
*Uncle Bryan is crazy and hilarious.

*Grandma R is a great listener and cuddler.
*Mr. Vern gives great hugs.
*Christmas presents are fun, but those boxes are amazing regardless of size.

*Christmas trees are not only meant to be Oooooh’d and Ahhhh’d, but also stripped, shaken and mangled. (Notice the coy look on Josiah’s face and the absence of any ornaments below a certain height. Makes you wonder what the whole thing looked like. I’ll spare you the visual torture. Let’s just say instead of “O Christmas Tree” we sang, “O Hideous Tree” this year.) Incidentally, our tree died long before Christmas and if it wasn’t for the fake green paint job I complained about earlier, it would’ve been a nice shade of orange, which wouldn’t have been very Christmasy. When we removed the tree it left a grand trail of tears, blanketing the floor in prickly shag.

*But the biggest thing we’ve learned is that Christmas is more fun with kids. Everything is new and exciting. The wrapping paper can be just as thrilling as the thoughtful gift inside. Looking at Christmas lights is an event, worth going a bit out of our way to drive by. The Kissing Ball that hangs in the doorway is especially neat. And during the holidays, celebrating with family and friends reminds us of who we are, where we come from and why we have something to celebrate.

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