So, this is Christmas!

This is our Christmas card this year. Ta-da!

Merry Christmas!

I hope you are enjoying this season, in a blink it’ll be spring, so take a deep breath and try to savor it while its here. I learned something this week that I’ll probably have to learn again in the future. Stressing out about things that are not important isn’t worth the effort and really affects the family. Earlier this week, I was crazy. I was making lists and clogging my brain with all the stuff I needed to do. I was incredibly impatient with the kids (for which I’ve already apologized to them) and pretty grumpy to be around. Then Eddy asked what the big deal was. He looked over my crazy list and said he really didn’t see why I was freaking out. At first I thought he was being insensitive. Then as we talked more, he helped me to realize that if nothing on that list got done, we would still have a good Christmas. Granted, I’m on the other end of the week now and have gotten more done than I realized, but I’m at the oh-well stage now and things are looking up. I remember when I was in school I got to the oh-well stage very early in the preparation for exams. It was like my own private vacation as I would look at the people with beads of sweat on their brows, cramming last minute information into their already overstuffed minds. I would physically smile at all the stress I didn’t feel. I loved those moments. I figured that if I didn’t know it by now, it was too late. Of course, moments later, they were probably watching in slight amusement as my eyes grew wide with fear and my face turned red at all the questions I wasn’t prepared for. Well anyways, I’m sure glad I’ve arrived at the oh-well part of it all, its a relief.

Have a wonderful time with your family and friends this Christmas. Please take just a few moments for reflecting on the surpassing joy that is in Christ, even if its just while you are staring into the Christmas lights or sipping your coffee. That joy is what really matters.

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