So sorry. . .

Been real busy like bees wrapping things up for Christmas. So much to do yet. Its a struggle to not let the crazies take over. Needless to say the kids are contributing in their own way with teething irrationalities. I really wanted to make stuff for our friends and neighbors this year, but a cheery, “Merry Christmas!” will have to do. Its been sunnier lately, which is a shot of joy for me each day. I wish you could see Josiah playing with the sunlight. He dips his arm in it and shakes his hand a little, then quick pulls it into the shade. He did this for 20 min yesterday, sometimes with toys in his hand to see if that made a difference. Eventually he started running in and out of it so his whole body would get hit with the light. Then he found the shadows from the sunshine which was a whole new world altogether. Sunshine really is nice and hard to resist as it streams softly through the window and across the bed, its almost as if it is pointing to where it wants me to rest. Sometimes I indulge in the rest for a moment, until the crazies start filling my mind, must do that, must do this, don’t forget that, we have to finish this, tomorrow. . . . Arghhhh.

Pics are from last Christmas 2005. My how they’ve changed!

Updating will be a bit sporadic this week, but I’m sure we’ll have wonderful stories to share in the new year!

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