Would the teeth just come in already!

A common phrase around our house is, “Unbelievable!” This is exactly how I feel about teeth. The kids teeth that is. Actually ask me or either one of my parents and we could go on and on about teeth and dentists, we’ve got good stories, some sad, some just plain interesting. (In fact, though Eddy doesn’t have as much to say about the whole teeth issue, he does have a funny story about a dentist called ‘the Tender Tooth Mender.’ The guy would tell inappropriate jokes while Eddy laid helpless and mute mouth wide open. It was like a bad Seinfeld episode. There was nothing tender about this mender, he was more of a butcher if you ask me, he even had you take a carnation flower when you left his office, so the last thing you remembered wasn’t the jokes. But I digress. . .)

Apparently, this whole teething thing is different for every kid. I can’t disagree with that, but I wish I could help those little buggers come in quicker and once and for all. They’re driving me nuts. Emma teethes ok. She picks up more screaming when its happening, but its tolerable. Josiah is a basket case. He just goes bazurk during this time. He’s upset when he eats, he’s mad when he’s hungry, he doesn’t want to do anything fun and most importantly and mostly out of my control, he wants us to fix it, now. Tylenol is great and works most of the time. But there are some times he is just beyond repair. Those are the times I just want to get those teeth to do something. Maybe if I do the right teething dance or sing the right teething song it will encourage them to migrate through those pesty gums. (On a side note: this reminds me of a record my dad had while I was growing up called ‘Plant Music’. Supposedly when you played this record it would make your plants grow faster and help them feel better! The picture on the album cover was a lush sunroom full of happy, healthy looking plants. I would play it and watch the plants closely hoping to catch a glimpse of a new leaf or small growth or if I looked close enough, perhaps a smile. Funny stuff. (I still half-wonder if it actually worked. Our little secret.))


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