It happened one day in December.

Yup. I knew it would happen eventually. Everyone said it would happen and then they would give me that bummer-it’ll-happen-twice-for-you look, which really scared me as if they already could see my eminent unraveling. But you know, I was living in denial. It happened just once on Thursday last week and I thought it was a fluke. Then Friday I heard it a handful of times. Over the weekend Emma used the word, “NO” probably a hundred times. Never choosing to use it one at a time, its always three in a row, “NO, NO, NO!” Which is interesting because that’s how I say it when they are into something they shouldn’t be! (Hmmm, remember the next time you have kids to avoid the three no’s in a row thing) And now that she can say it, she’s adapted the heels-dug-into-the-ground maneuver to add impact. Grrrrrrr. . .
At the moment, we are trying to ignore it, hoping and praying it’ll vanish over night like a diaper rash. But today, Josiah said it once and I already know where this is heading. *sigh*
Here’s some other points of interest:

–We love to hug.
–Picture this: Josiah’s rocking happily in his rocking chair, sporting a goofy grin, when whoooops! he rocked too hard and backwards he fell which left his pride dented and the smile gone.
–A great way to get Emma into her car seat when she’s being difficult is to tickle her. She loves it and will sit down. At least this works for now.
–Josiah is getting his eye teeth and not happy about it. Its making everything a drama. But it explains so much.
–Emma’s hair is long enough for pigtails now. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.

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