Just tell me it’ll be ok.

We traveled to my folks this weekend to celebrate Christmas with my mother’s side of the family. Great fun was had by all, and it was so nice to catch up with my cousins again. With such a big extended family, it seems there are always new little ones to meet and other little ones who have grown so much since the last time we saw them.

Sunday morning I decided to stay home with the kids while everyone else went to church. I was pretty exhausted and the kids needed some down time before we made the trip home. The kids just love doors and opening and shutting them. That’s all fine and dandy until Emma got her entire hand up to her wrist in the hinge part of the door while Josiah was trying his best to shut it. Screams, crying, “Josiah! Stop! Oh Emma, poor thing!” Then Josiah started with the lower lip crying because he felt so bad, while Emma still crying just glared at him angrily. Fortunately Grandpa was there for just a moment to help comfort them before he had to dash off. After the storm cooled, we all sat down to play. Emma and I were having fun playing peek-a-boo behind a book, then she chucked it at my face. It hit my eye so hard that my eyelashes were all pressed into my eye and I thought I was going to cry. I sat there for a moment and couldn’t see. I tried opening my eye and felt like I might just pass out. Quick get up and go to the bathroom before you scare the kids! “Mommy’s gonna be right back!” Run. Finally inside the bathroom a few tears fall and I survey the damage. Pull it together, you are the adult here. No one is here to tell you it’ll be ok, so just suck it up. The eye looks fine, really teary, but no major injury. Horray. Okay, compose yourself and calmly walk back into the room. I had to tell the kids that Mommy needs to rest for a minute and then everything was back to good.

Sometimes it’d be nice if someone could just tell me it’ll be ok.


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