Freedom and in the Buff.

Well, something happened yesterday that I both dreaded and welcomed. Let me preface this event with a little explanation. Since the kids started walking we have blocked off the kitchen. We used to keep it open and I tried to keep them to just a cupboard or two. This worked for ummmm like 10 minutes. Then no matter how many times I said “no touching, off limits, hot, ouch” about the stove everytime I turned around, they were touching it. The breaking point for me was the time Emma touched it while it was on. She got a minor burn, but the crazy part was she wanted to do it again. They were 9-10 months or so and it was obvious they really didn’t understand what “no” meant yet, so we decided it was more important to keep them safe and they haven’t been allowed in the kitchen since, due to some genius inventions called ‘gates’. Slowly over the last few weeks I’ve noticed them being able to take correction better and decided it was time. Yesterday when they woke up from their naps, viola! no gates! They ran about 15 circles around the house through the kitchen and stayed occupied in the tupperware cupboard for the rest of the day. The greatest part was when I told them the off-limits items, they understood and are leaving them alone for the most part, because they don’t like the naughty chair. I’m thrilled because Eddy and I don’t have to climb over those blasted gates 500 billion times a day now and the kids aren’t as fussy around dinner time when they can be in the kitchen with me. Hurray for maturity. Now if we can just get those tantrums figured out.


Me, well, I can’t get enough of them. They’re so cute. That’s our skinny little naked girl from this summer up at the top. She’s always climbing into or onto things. When we get them ready for bed we say, “Let’s get naked!” and Emma says, “Nay-Nay!” She loves being nude. Josiah, well, he loves just seeing his belly button. The bottom picture(pun intended) is from last winter. Josiah on left, Emma on the right. They love their baths! I used to love that they splashed in the tub, but I’m not so sure anymore because we all get wet now.


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