New Every Morning.

Something we’ve discovered about parenting is that we don’t know anything. Just when we think we’ve got a stage down and we know how to handle things, BOOOM! Onto the next stage or they throw us a doosey. Sometimes its something that starts small and insignificant in one stage, like a blip on the radar, not something that was ever really dealt with well. Then by the time we reach the next stage it has grown to gargantuan size, so big you can’t even see around it and you run into it everytime you turn around. Major bummer wish we had caught that earlier, but like I said before, we don’t know what we are doing.

Eddy has always answered my what-should-we-do paranoia with this, “I don’t know, I only know what to do up to this point, anything further up the road and I’m clueless.” Maybe that’s why we’re maturing so much faster now that we’re parents, we are forced to learn new things and be launched out of our comfort zones literally on a daily basis. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but some days it’d be nice to at least know how to handle those doosies.

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