Everyone wants to be like Daddy!

What’s not to love about the guy? Especially when he’s wearing this hat! We all wanted to try it on. Personally, after seeing my picture, I don’t need to ever try it on again.
The kids want to do and say everything we do and frankly, its frightening. I have never felt this level of accountability before in my life. There are little eyes always watching and ears picking up new words all the time. Its the most shocking when what they repeat wasn’t said with the most kindness. With all the talking done thoughout the day, that’s a lot of words to be careful about.
When the kids were smaller I didn’t talk much during the day. I’d talk a little bit to them, but not like I have to now. I feel like I’m explaining things all day long. The hardest part is trying to boil things down to what matters so they don’t get too confused or upset.
We finally got our Christmas lights up outside. Its been a dream in the making for 3 years now. A few icicles on the porch and some flower box lights. (Don’t get Eddy going on the icicles, he just hates them) I like them, not too over-the-top, but more than the little glowing flower pot-o-branches we had last year. I’m finally starting to not feel so embarrassed about our house being the white-trash of the neighborhood. We have a lot left to do, but some of the hard work we’ve done is finally showing a little bit.
We got snow and its still coming as we speak. We discovered this weekend that its frosted much to hard and deep to put stakes for netting in around our crabapple to keep the deer from nibbling on those delightfully tender new branches. I’ll have to keep a broom on hand to shoo the branch-destroying beasts away. I have wonderful memories from my childhood of my mother doing this a few times in her robe and slippers while we ate our breakfast. I’ll leave you with that.

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