Enough with the Pillow Talk.

Ok, to put this topic to rest, I have to provide the review of my new pillow and then I promise you won’t hear about it ever again, unless it does something silly.

Its fantastic. I love it. At first it was much harder than I thought a bag full of air beads should be. But after nuzzling my head into it, I was pleasantly surprised at the softness and support it gave. You definitely can’t just plop into it and expect perfection, you do have to sort-of bury your head into it. This sounds like a long process, but its not, maybe a fraction of a second or so. I’ve only noticed that I need to do this as I’m first laying down, though, not at all during the night. Its very comfy and it doesn’t make your head too hot. Its not noisy and is kinda silky soft. Eddy has mixed feelings. He has a really sensitive neck due to a car accident that gave him whiplash many years ago, so he says he goes between loving it and being just ok with it. Good enough for me, he’s not the easiest pillow critic. Ok, that’s it. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about please refer to the entries I’ve linked here: http://thedoublemintlife.blogspot.com/2006/11/did-i-mention.html and http://thedoublemintlife.blogspot.com/2006/11/spanish-is-scary-and-other-fun-facts.html

Josiah doesn’t use pillows at all, he uses beanie babies. Emma prefers using Josiah.

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