Caffeine Approves this Message

There have been times in my life when I viewed caffeine as a poison. Whenever I had it, I felt like I was slowly dying. Of course you’d see news reports warning you of the dangers associated with this beverage. Then we had kids.

A nice warm yummy cup in the morning, maybe a small warm-up around 10am and I can do anything. Screaming kids: no problem. Messy diapers: piece of cake. Tantrums: peace in the valley. It gives me the extra zing I need to actually get something done. Do I use it like a drug? Maybe. Does it help me clean the house? Yes. Do I feel like I’m poisoning myself? No way, now its my elixir.

Here’s to a beverage that has altered my perspective on life! Here’s to coffee!

The pics are of Josiah’s first sip of the good stuff last winter(what a cute baldie!) and a couple of Sweet Emma as a Who and laughing.

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