Emma-Sweet-Tooth. Josiah-Smoker-Voice.

Emma likes pie. Sorry, she LOVES pie! Her Grandpa was so impressed with her ability to sign and say, “more” and “please,” that he let her eat his whole piece! Before she started charming her Grandpa, she had just finished my piece of banana cream pie. She would’ve eaten all of the pie if I hadn’t finally stepped on the brakes. Both of the kids are real crowd pleasers when they get a bit of sugar in their blood streams complete with super-fast-dancing. Its the scary freak-out crashing afterwords that keeps us from giving it to them very often.
Josiah has laryngitis. It came with a cough. A bad cough. The humidifier is on full blast in their room and it feels like a tropical rain forest in there. We’ve also cut back on the milk which makes him sound gargley and up-ed the water intake which makes him spring more leaks. Though the tantrums are on the increase and more extreme when he’s sick, I have to admit the volume is much quieter when he doesn’t have a voice. I hope this cold is a short-lived thing, especially around the holidays here 🙂

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