New Name, Same Game.

Well, we had to change the name. After much consideration, anonymity was the best choice. With all the crazies out there, I guess its better to be safe than sorry 🙂 I like the gum reference anyways. When we first heard of the pending double life in the beginning, the phrase, “Double the pleasure, double the fun, doublemint gum” got stuck in my head. Though the kids aren’t identical, they are definitely all of the above.

Cheerio! On to the news of the day: Christmas is coming! We had decided we weren’t going to get a tree due to the kids’ sometimes dangerous curiosity. Visions of Christmas tree attacks danced in my dreams. But then my mother granted us some wise insight: Kids don’t like prickly things and you can fasten the tree with a string to the underside of the window sill. Brilliance! So we’re off to get the meanest most prickly tree they’ve got.

Here are some photos of Thanksgiving festivities. Despite most pictures of my brother, he is not on drugs, this pic sure looks like he is though. The others are of Grandma with Emma and Grandpa doing chalk drawings with the kids.

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