No, we are not pregnant (Whew!).

But. . . Eddy spilled the beans that he purchased me the buy one-get one free Tony Little Pillow for Christmas!!! Yippee! I’m pretty pumped, I even dreamed about it last night, except it turned out to be memory foam-a complete disappointment. I’m sure it won’t be, though. Eddy said he wasn’t going to tell me, but I was so obsessed he was afraid he couldn’t create a believable cover up to distract me, so he told me. I can’t wait. I think they’ll come this week sometime. I will keep you posted on its comfort and promise to give an honest review of its alleged “luxurious” feel 🙂

On to other things. . .I’ve save a bit of space to include a series of pictures I like to refer to as “The Crying” in which Josiah was throwing a tantrum that was almost comical. I think you’ll see the humor. The first one cracks me outta my skin, but the rest were all such winning shots that I couldn’t just choose one. So sit back and enjoy the fact that he isn’t crying in your house! Poor kid, if his mom would only let him do everything he wants to do, maybe he wouldn’t be so upset.


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