The Everybody’s Talking and Nobody’s Listening Chorus.

As the level of noise has increased in our home, it all seems to culminate around the dinner hour when the kids are cranky, Eddy’s home and I’m scrounging to put supper together. The kids, even within the last week, have grown exponentially in their language attempts. That’s fun, but they are babbling all the time sometimes to themselves, sometimes to each other, or sometimes to us. When Eddy gets home, he usually has just a few minutes to quick make some phone calls fixing mistakes with the credit card bill or health insurance coverage. And I’m busy banging pans or dropping things in the kitchen to add to the joyful chorus our house is making.

So imagine this: the babbling of the kids in the background with the occasional scream or cry, enter the cupboard doors shutting, shutting, then Eddy on the phone, “Yes, my account number is. . ,” Babble, babble, scream, crash in the kitchen, tears everywhere, one final crash as the pan hits the stove and Eddy finishes his call, kids crying. Then Eddy and I each take a kid and a peace starts to enter when we end the first part of the production with a book on the couch. Its only minutes before the intermission is over and we are on to the supper chorus.

Its a scene that makes me appreciate more and more the quiet hours of the evening when the kids are sleeping and we can relax. Ahhhhhh. . . .


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