Old ladies can have fun too.

Perhaps one of the funniest things that I’ve ever experienced happened today on my way home from the store. The drive home from the store is brutal as the fastest you can travel is 30-40mph, the roads are windy, full of stop signs and lights and it just takes for—-ever! Poor Eddy has to drive this stint twice a day to get to work. Its hard not to look for the quickest route and I’m sure we haven’t found it yet. I was stuck behind a terribly slow elderly woman. As we went through the green light, she slowly eased the car in gear and put-putted her way through the intersection. Just as she turned on her signal to go the way I was going, I spotted a possible shortcut ahead and zoomed by her as she turned. Huraaayyy, I thought to myself, I’ll just take this side road and buzz in front of her. Brilliant, until I rounded the corner to see her coming down the hill at a pace I could never overcome. Shoooot! Actually, the first worst part was she was laughing when she saw me. I was dumb founded and didn’t know whether to be humiliated for being caught, ashamed I had tried to race an old lady, annoyed at her laughing or angry that she won. The second worst part was she was taking the same way home that I was, making every turn and taking every road I needed to take. Double Shoooot! I think she was a little bit crazy, though, (which makes it all extra funny) because she would speed up to 45 then drop to 30, then up to 45 and down to 30. I’m sure she’s laughing still.
As you can see, we have a couple of underage crazy drivers below. This pic was taken a while ago, maybe early spring?

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