Spanish is scary and other fun facts.

Yesterday something interesting happened. In an effort to keep the kids a tad distracted at the lunch table, so they will eat more, I have been reading them books or doing some animal flashcards. They love this stuff right now so I’m trying to take advantage of it. Anyways, we had gone through the cards twice and since the cards have all the names of the animals in different languages on the back, I decided to give it a whirl. I’m rattling off the Spanish names, “El pollo, (flip), el sol, (flip). . .” then before I turn another card I hear Emma whimpering and I look up to find her lower lip quivering and tears forming in her eyes. She was scared. I guess I would be too. Here you’re new to this world and starting to figure out what the people you love the most are saying and then they switch languages on you and its all crazy-talk. Poor thing. I immediately stopped and started using the English words again. She perked right up and took a sip of milk. We’re not nazis about flashcards or anything, they just like looking at the pictures and trying to say the words. What didn’t freak her out was saying the English then the foreign word. I guess it keeps me from dying of boredom over the same 50 flashcards anyway.

This week in the nursery (this should be a new column): Josiah got bit. On the shoulder, no blood was drawn, crying ensued but stopped abruptly when something more interesting came along. Is this a foretaste (no pun intended) of things to come? A Nancy Griffith song comes to mind, “It’s a hard life, it’s a hard life, it’s a very hard life, it’s a hard life wherever you go.” It’s a rough world out there kids, beware of people with teeth!

I officially have the Tony Little-Pillow-coveting disease. I think about it everyday, every time I lay my head down I long for that “luxurious” cradling of my head. I suggest it everyday to Eddy and I get the, “We’re not getting those for Christmas presents for each other!” But my evil scheme may eventually pay off as plan A: I daily remind him of the joy we are missing or plan B: wear him down to a pulp, either way is a win-win for both of us. Eddy, if you’re listening, you see I care about you, I’m thinking of your needs, too and you need this pillow.

The pics are of my favorite kids sometime this summer when they weren’t yet feeding themselves and my favorite pillow. (If you’ve never seen Tony Little before, be cautioned: he has freakishly large arms and an updated 90’s mullet.)


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