Shake it off.

This first photo was from this summer, but the crazy Josiah mohawk still cracks me up as he runs to tackle Eddy-the camera man, while Emma sweetly rocks on the horsey.

Both of the kids go through times where they cannot leave our arms. Emma is going through this right now. Usually it happens when they are sick or teething. I feel as if I’ve been saying this forever, but Emma is still pushing those molars through. She’s constantly gnawing on her hand, producing teeth indentations in her soft little skin. I give her teething rings, but they are tossed in a flash. She loves chewing on ice, but that gets messy and cold. Anyways, I digress. . .So she’s pretty doggone clingy. I don’t mind it most of the time, unless I’m trying to get something done. But by the end of the day, when she’s hanging off my leg, pulling on my shirt, and leeching every last ounce of energy out of me with the whining, I wish there was a way to shake it off. This sounds awful and I would never in my life shake her off, but its more of a mental shake off. Usually we just pick her up and we find a quiet spot on the couch for a bit. The constant clinging does wring me out though, especially at the end of a long day, hence the need for those brilliant fake smoke breaks mentioned a few days ago.

Brighter pastures. . . at ECFE today we learned about the different attention spans of 1.5-4 yrs olds in 7 minutes. Very interesting. I made a crude copy of it in my paint program. The first box in the diagram shows the layout of a room with various objects(the dots) strewn about. In the rest of the squares, lines follow the child to each object they played with in a span of 7 minutes. As you can see for the 18 month old square we are pretty busy. And if you just times that by 2, you can imagine the chaos. Actually, I’ve found that they aren’t crazy active like that all day, just for large segments. This diagram really helped give me hope as the older squares looks significantly less ADHD.


One thought on “Shake it off.

  1. Shawna, you are too funny…I love reading your daily findings when it comes to dealing with your little ones. That drawing is soooo true. I’ve been there with the older three and I’ll be there real soon again. (Gracie started walking a week out!!)

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