Did I mention. . .

I am obsessed, too. Yup, I am obsessed with Tony Little’s Homedics Micropedic Therapy Pillow. I have mentioned it almost every night to Eddy saying Christmas is just around the corner. . . and its buy one get one free right now. . . and it perfectly supports your head. . . and it keeps you cool. . . its luxurious. . . and they say there’s no tossing and turning! Check it out: http://www.greatest pillow.com Eddy’s not quite so impressed, but he hasn’t seen the infomercial. Its very convincing. I have never had a pillow I love. Usually after we buy it, I love it for a day or two, then its flat and unsupportive. I can’t stand those memory foam ones, they are so hard and unfriendly. Eddy even has what we call a “water buffalo” pillow, filled with water like a water bed. It weighs as much as a water bed, too. Every time he turns over it glug, glug, glugs and makes me think of water, which makes me either thirsty or have to use the restroom. Oh how my neck would love this new Tony Little pillow! Then I’d be happy (as my Dad always says).

This morning I caught a few scenes worth noting. The first picture up above is proof of Josiah’s issue with the fire alarm that I mentioned last time.

The second and third are of Emma with a few and then a lot of books stacked underneath her on the rocking chair for easy access and safety from her brother. She was awfully proud of her clever idea, as you can see, but shortly after the photo she started crying because it was hurting her behind, go figure.
And the last photo is of Josiah finding a cozy place to rest, doesn’t he look comfy?

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