Obsessions and Too Skinny.

Both of our children get obsessed with things, but Josiah is by-far the worst at this point. I don’t know if its just a development stage or a personality thing(highly possible if you know his father:)). I know this, its hard to deal with, especially when I’m tired. The latest obsession is our fire alarm in the kitchen. Recently we replaced the battery and the dumb thing keeps going off for no reason. I guess that’s why we took out the battery in the first place. Well, this has freaked out Josiah, who is really sensitive to loud noises. He stands just outside the kitchen entrance and points up at the fire alarm saying, “Bis, bis, beezzzz, beezzzz, beezzzz, beeezzz!” And he won’t stop saying it, even after I explain 2 million times that Daddy fixed it and it won’t hurt his ears anymore. We’ve tried picking him up and letting him touch it, that made it worse. The only thing that works a little is trying to distract him, but for a couple hours after he’s still continues to stop whatever we’re doing to resume the incessant “beeezzzz!” Before the alarm it was a Busy Bees book on a shelf that’s off limits. Do you see how the bees book morphed into the alarm buzz? GRRRRRR. . . for everybody’s sanity I’m really hoping this is just a stage.

In other news, we had a well-baby check-up last week. Emma is officially in the .45 percentile. Which means, 99.55 out of 100 kids are bigger than her. The Dr hasn’t been too concerned because she’s otherwise very healthy, but now she’d like to see her gain some more weight. Emma has always been tiny, skinny-winny from the start. Her pants are always falling down and seems her clothes are from 3 stages ago. She finally grew out of her 3-6 month pants in September, only because of her height. Something you must know before you think we are starving her is she eats great, but she is incredibly active, can’t sit still, moving, moving, moving all the time. Even inside of me she was kicking 24 hours a day. After the babies were born, one of the first things that struck me was the relief from the constant activity. So, the Dr said we need to start putting tablespoons of butter on everything she eats. She said her metabolism is just sky high and more meat, butter and whole milk will help her pack it on. So we’re lathering it on everything, even graham crackers and giving her lots and lots of milk (we sneak the meat into what we can, she just hates the texture).

That’s the news from here! I’ve included some pics from this weekend’s visit with one of their Grandpas.

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