Virtual Cigarettes!

Finally I have a moment to share a new discovery of mine. I would be delighted if you find these as helpful as I do. I have days that are so crazy with crying and whining and too many things to do in too short amount of time and things flying or being thrown and toys everyyyyyyyywhere, that I have found I need to take virtual cigarette breaks at least every hour. I casually sneak away from the clingy, whiny kids and run as fast as I can to the front or back porch to partake in a little pretend cigarette to clear my mind and heart. I breath in deeply and slow my thoughts to a trickle. Ahhhhh, that’s better. Ok, now as I finish the end of my break I can hear the crying again and I can sneak back in to gently deal with the offender.

I should mention, I don’t smoke. I never have, never will. I hate it actually and especially when I was pregnant, found myself getting really resentful of those who’d light up right next to me, blowing a big puff in my direction. Do they want me to die or poison my babies? Its kind of a yucky habit, but even so, I do envy the escape from life that smokers get when they step outside to inhale. So, for all you non-smokers out there who need a break from chaos, take a virtual cigarette and head for the door. It’ll do your soul good and your mind even better. Ahhhhh. . .
The pics are of sweet Emma’s toothy grin and our favorite superhero Batman Josiah(he actually has a cape attached, too šŸ™‚


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