Kids are vicious!

I was informed after my moms group at church today, that Emma had been bit on the cheek by another kid in the group. The poor thing screamed and cried for a while, but the volunteer said she calmed down rather quickly. Its probably because she is used to Josiah pulling her hair, pushing her down or biting her (she’s pretty good at doing all these things right back to him, too). She’s a tough little cookie, but when I saw the bite mark, I scooped her up and didn’t want to put her down. Sometimes I wonder if a room full of kids their own age seems like a den of angry wolves in their eyes. Its really survival of the fittest in there, no wonder they aren’t thrilled when we have to leave. Lately, they haven’t wanted to go home when I pick them up so it must not be that bad all the time. Poor things, its hard when you can’t talk or still haven’t mastered walking completely or learned how to protect yourself and your surrounded with 20 others just like you.

Well, to my chagrin the kids weren’t thrilled about wearing anything last night and particularly not their Raggedy Ann and Andy outfits. Oh well, maybe we can coerce them sometime this week so I can get some pictures of it. So instead I’ll post some pics of last year’s costumes(during Josiah’s stoic phase, I love this one cuz Emma looks like she’s gonna sock him, she’s even winding up!) and another of them hiding under the table (playing well together, a rarity indeed).

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