Babies, babies, everywhere!

I know we go through stages in life where everyone is graduating, then everyone is getting married, and now it seems like everyone is having babies. I don’t see it slowing down either. It all started when we were in boston. I knew 9 women who were pregnant at one time. Just last year, 30 babies were born into our church. At the moment, 5 family/or friends just had babies and at least 3 more are pregnant. This stage is much longer than the others, especially with people waiting till their older to have kids. I’m exhausted just thinking of all the deliveries that can happen in that amount of time. I know what you’re thinking, I should enjoy this stage, cuz the ones to follow are our kids graduating, getting married and having their own babies, ahhhhhhh, that’s much to scary to think about right now. This is a very vicious cycle.

Three delightful things happened yesterday. First, the sun came out and I wanted to rip off my clothes and soak up the vitamin D. Don’t run away, I promise I would never do that. One time, though, I did think it would be a good idea to fall asleep when the sun was in our bedroom, streaming across the bed and shining directly on my face. However, when I awoke, I couldn’t see for at least an hour and then there was a perpetual sunspot in my vision that eventually dissipated by the evening. That was not a good idea.

The second fun thing happened after our Moms with Tots group(a moms group at our church that graciously provides child care, yahhhh!). When we went to collect the kids, I saw one of the sweet 4 yr old boys had been taking care of Josiah. He was holding his hand and showing him stuff around the room in a sort of skip-hop. I imagined him telling Josiah, “and here’s the slide and over here are the dump trucks. . .” You could tell that Josiah was in goods hands.

The last thing is probably most funny to me because I hear it all day long. Emma has learned to say “hi” She runs from the kitchen to say “hi” to me and then darts back to the living room to say “hi” to Josiah. She lays on the changing table and says, “hi, hi, hi. . .” until I finally say “hi” back, then she laughs. She stands in the middle of the room and bops her head to the side saying, “hi, hi, hi” I think she probably said it 200 times yesterday. Its pretty funny, and at least she hasn’t learned “no” yet!

I realize that some of these everyday things that we think are cute or funny, probably aren’t to those who aren’t there to experience them. That’s ok, I won’t be offened if you think they’re dumb. Also, just so you are prepared and mostly for the Grandparents’ sake, you’ve probably already noticed I like to post a lot of photos of the kiddos. They are much more fun than pictures of Eddy and I, trust me:) Lucky for you folks who aren’t into photos of our kids, was having difficulty uploading photos tonight, so enjoy the rest while you can!

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