No such luck.

Well, tonight is usually crime-fighting night with a lovely line-up of NCIS, L&O: CI and L&O:SVU. I’m a sucker for these shows and it just so happens they have converged into one wonderful evening of crime-fighting bliss. Tonight they are all re-runs. Oh well.

The kids were exasperating today, oh man! They were at each others necks all day, fighting about everything and always wanting what the other one has. A little damage was done due to these attitudes today, so Emma is sporting a scratch and bruise on her face and another on the top of her head and Josiah has two bite marks on his upper arm. It was like a war today. Because they were on edge, when Emma sweetly tried to tap her brother on the head and then to tickle him, he didn’t respond well, in fact he burst into tears and a deep wail. But now they are sound asleep and I can enjoy hearing Eddy complain about the new format of our credit card bill with the background of a world series game, all while I type this blog. I’ll take the latter, today anyway.

As I’m writing this Eddy just got a call that his 90yr old Grandma fell and broke her arm . Eddy has such good memories of working in their huge garden, picking potato bugs off the plants and weeding. Whenever we’ve been to her house, she has a spread of roasted beef, fresh garden vegetables and a gigantic bowl of steaming boiled potatoes just waiting for the gravy(Eddy’s favorite food). Things have changed a bit, due to age, but some things will never change like everything just moves slower which is so refreshing. We hope she feels better soon.

Well, I better stop typing and engage in this credit card statement conversation. Till tomorrow!


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