Kisses and hugs really do make it better!

Today’s status: Emma is emotional and Josiah is grouchy.

My status: Kisses and hugs from the kids have made it all better and I’m already forgetting how difficult they’ve been today.

Speaking of those, Emma gave her first kiss on the cheek to Eddy last week! It was open-mouthed and slobbery, but so sweet. Today she tried it again with me, but it was more of lick. Which was weird, but sweet, too.

We had ECFE(school for really little ones) this morning and usually they do ok. They are pretty tired, though and with Josiah’s habit of falling asleep standing or sitting, I’m always on the lookout to make sure he doesn’t just fall over mid-stride. He never falls gracefully either, its always a face plant or a head bash. So if he always looks like he has bruises on his forehead, that’s usually why, that or head-banging with his sister. Emma got really mad today at one of the kids who unintentionally hurt her. When we came back to the room her cry turned from sad to angry and she cried all the way out to the car. But surprisingly had a smile when we got home, go figure. ECFE is great, they told us they are going to start teaching the kids to sit at a table and eat their snacks and sippies and then to throw their napkins away when they are done! I really look forward to seeing that!

I’m including some old grumpy and silly photos. Josiah in a snowsuit is from last winter, but the rest are from this summer and fall.


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