Can Sam’s Club be fun?

I think it can! Usually it’s a nightmare. Usually we are racing around trying to remember everything we were there to get, but were too lazy to write down on a nice, neat list and hoping to avoid the inevitable freak-out by the kids. Without fail, every time we are there, we are so exhausted from the sheer expanse of the building and overwhelmed by the volume of products, by the time we finally get to the front to check out with our two carts, one for Emma and the other for Josiah, we are spent, physically and financially. The entire ride home Eddy rants about the boxes they provide for all the miscellaneous crud we bought and how do they expect us to carry this all into the house. I think we’ve had that conversation virtually every time we go there.

None of this happened today. Well. . .except a shortened version of the box conversation. Eddy asked as we are driving home, if we’d had a good day and I couldn’t say no. I was actually smiling. I had a great time. The kids were really good. Emma and I even stopped to watch the enormous Snowman in a blow-up snow globe for a little while. Josiah woke up in a funk before we left for the store and was happy as a clam as we walked into Sam’s Club. I wasn’t overwhelmed. We even found some good deals. I didn’t feel rushed and people were mostly friendly. Though we usually cringe at the thought of participating in the monster of consumerism, today was different; it was more of an event for us. So for today, Sam’s Club was our family outing. The only thing missing is pictures of us in the frozen meat section or in front of the gigantic 100lb cans of over processed vegetables. So instead I’ll leave you with some action photos, as this is how we see the kids these days, in a blur.


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