I’ve added things!

I’ve added things, like my favorite links on the right-hand sidebar! Day 2 is a success for other reasons, too, not only did I have an amazing cup of white chocolate coffee with Irish creme flavor and whipped cream today while a fellow mother watched our kids, but also I am posting my second blog, with photos and everything, ta-dah!

Emma didn’t start off as well, though. She fell as we climbed the stairs, which caused her to bite her lip bad. It bled and I tried to remain clam, but I’m such a wimp when it comes to my babies and bleeding. She’s fine, practically right away she was fine, that girl is tough as nails and she loves sucking on ice cubes (who doesn’t?). The real fun was trying to get Josiah to pick up the pace as I scurried to put him in his crib so I could run Emma to the bathroom. It’ll all worked out with minimal damage, and here we are.

Here are some photos from this summer, they are so cute I have to post them. Yes, I’m the Mom who can never decide which picture is the cutest, so I include them all.


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