Today is the Day

Today is the Day
for a variety of reasons. First of all, in the past I have been against this sort of thing (after all, who really cares what we have to say about the silly day-to-day things in our lives?), but something came over me and well, here we are. Second, I wasn’t taking care of our website very well and thought this might be an easier venue to keep folks (especially grandparents, that goofy bunch!) up-to-date with the latest info and photos. And finally, I’m just feeling adventurous (a rare thing indeed!)!

Today is the day I should be cleaning for company arriving tomorrow, but instead I’m doing this. Today I should be planting the bulbs my mother has so generously shared with me, but its so cold and yucky out I just can’t bring myself to do it. Today a gigantic children’s book explosion happened in our living room and I’m just staring at it hoping it will dance back to its orderly place on the shelf.

Yesterday, Emma said, “bye, bye” and waved simultaneously! This may not seem like a big deal, but when you’re used to hearing grunts, groans and whines, small words sound like honey. They are at such a funny age, its hard to explain, but they do the goofiest things and I wish I could recreate them for other people. Lately, Josiah has been super silly, making everyone laugh as he does his ‘Running Man’ dance. Emma has her own version we call the ‘Happy’ dance. They chase each other back and forth through the house, giggling the whole way. They love to play peek-a-boo and hide behind chairs, under tables or in corners. They don’t sit still for very long, unless they are reading or sleeping. They are soooooo busy. What’s truly terrifying is people tell me they are only going to get busier. Both Eddy and I are enjoying this stage, its so fun to see them discover things and understand some of what we say.

Tomorrow may be another story all together, so I’ll include some recent happy moments to mark this time in history. The first is of a recent peek-a-boo chase we had with Josiah, Emma thought that was funny, Josiah found Daddy’s hat and proudly displays the fact he put it on himself, we love our belly buttons, and the last one is from our backyard after the kids’ dedication at church on Sunday. I love pictures and will probably include a lot on this site. The other website really limited how many we could put up. But if you are interested in visiting the past please check it out:

Even though I’m am full of ‘I should’ today, I’m am overcome with gratefulness to the One who showers us with His grace.

One thought on “Today is the Day

  1. Wow, who is that handsome old guy with the grey beard? Mom says we have a slightly better fam-damily picture we’ll (I’ll ) send up to ya. Great site, you always have been able to write so gooder.

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