Don’t look away!

IMG_0380I’ve been frantically preparing pieces for two upcoming solo exhibitions **she says wiping sweat from her brow**. This piece(Look Deep Into Our Eyes) is from my November show “Mischief and Other Tales” at the University of Wisconsin Superior’s Kruk Gallery.

Humanity blooms in struggle. Plus, home economics for a family of starving artists.


Love this guy and love being married to him! He waxes poetically about our daily grind on his blog below:

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Like a ship bashing into a coral reef, my head was gashed and deeply pierced by the corner of a deck board today. With blood flowing liberally, I completed my paint job after running my head under the frigid water of the outdoor spigot to the point of numbness. Then, 30 minutes later I bashed the same tender spot again, starting the bloodletting over again. By the time I reached home I was eager to sit in the adirondack chair outside and read the paper for a spell.


The odds are staggering. Keep in mind that I have a fairly large head. The plop I felt after a few minutes could have landed anywhere upon a vast area only somewhat smaller than Montana. Furthermore, I’m probably only pooped on about once every few years. That white bird poop from high above just happened to land smack dab on and into the…

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drip, drip, drip

Here is a work I’m letting dry upside down as the wash drips and creates marvelous layers. The beginnings of these drip backgrounds are something else! I love the unpredictability of the washes. . . .I may need to make a series working with this unfinished feel. . . gears are turning!


Back to School Sale!

I’m celebrating school this fall with a 25% off sale in my Artfinder shop till Sept 22! Come check it out :)


As an artist and full time mother I find the fall one of the most highly anticipated of all the seasons, primarily because order is restored to the universe. But this year I feel particularily festive, not because I loathe my children, I love them dearly, I enjoy them immensely, they make me laugh till I snort. . . but truth be told, they like school and the structure and adventure it adds to their lives. Plus as an introvert I need this recharge time to, well, recharge.