It happened just yesterday

Yesterday I finally had it with a piece I’ve had on the back burner for too many months. There it sits, stacked against the wall, using up space and cluttering my mind with unsolved problems. If I can’t muster the energy to sort it out or regain some kind of vision for a piece I have no qualms painting right over it. It’s as if I am finally released from the tightening prison of a dying idea. Such relief.  Here’s a teensy little peek at another piece I’m nearly done with which remains title-less:IMG_0159

Ahh, to finish something!

With my prized morning studio time consumed with summer kid activities I have been painting in fits and starts. Sometimes I paint late into the night which makes me less than pleasant the following day. It’s hard to make progress on anything or have any stream of thought in these bit-sized moments, but occasionally. . . .I eek one out.

Here’s a peak at a small portion of “Speaking With Bears” for my solo show next February. . .(which seems far away, but at the snail’s pace I’ve been working at this summer isn’t far at all).IMG_0185

Blue Fawn

After I completed the final details on this beast, all I can say is “Whew!’ Big paintings take a lot more energy and time!

I’m enjoying deer so much, I think I could paint them forever.  . .I’m sure I said this about moths before or birds or bunnies.. . .I’m just declarative like that.

Blue Fawn 48″x36″ acrylic on hardboard

Blue Fawn

out sourcing

Raising children has brought me a whole new affection for children’s literature, fantasy and fairytales. Oh how I love a good story! We acquired mountains of children’s books from a generous neighbor when the kids were wee mites. Several within this collection were beautiful old stories with lovely illustrations that just keep haunting me. One of these books is called Animals at My Doorstep, which sadly is misplaced for the moment, but a salvage of the title spine sits on my window sill. Another lovely book is Dash & Dart which has some very enchanting images of fawns and one peculiar cover image of a seemingly two headed deer that most certainly will show up in a future painting. I also keep a copy of Frederic on my bookshelf to remind me of the important role artists have in our society. All of these reads have played an influence(consciously or not) in my current series started by this piece here, Evening in the Woods:


stages of a fawn

Occasionally I take the time to photograph a painting after each layer.

This blue fawn in the lucky winner. After a coat of pink wash:


And after a coat of deep purple, working in some undertones and laying out a few details:

[Holy Bright Light, Batman! Sorry about that, must’ve been a dark day, yikes!]: