Don’t string me along

Today’s adventure involved a commission to paint on a one-of-a-kind stainless steel, handmade guitar for a musician-friend of ours, Charlie Parr(read more about the Barefoot Prophet here). Charlie wanted a big, lazy brown bear on the back of his guitar. We all know how much I love to paint bears, so of course, I was up for the challenge! It was a lot of fun!

Charlie will be playing with a bunch of other amazing talent(Don Ness, Emily Larson, Dave Hundrieser, Tin Can Gin, The Teague Alexy Trio and a fantastic Tap Dancer named Naomi Christensen)at an event my husband is organizing called Cornucopia (facebook event link)next Tuesday night. If you are around the Duluth, MN area, you most definitely should come!

Here are the before and afters:

Rock on, Brown Bear!

More information on Charlie Parr

Awwww, Thanks!


Ed Newman(Ennyman’s Territory Art Blog) reviewed my recent exhibit and gosh, golly, gee. . .he said it very well! Ed is a stalwart of the local art scene, giving us the lowdown on all the art happenings in the Duluth/Superior area. It was so fun to finally meet the man behind the legend, and he was very patient with my awkward explanations :) Talking about my work is a place of learning for me. As an artist you make and think and toil away behind the curtain. . but when it comes to the great reveal and then verbalizing all the motivation/thoughts/meaning/why behind it all, well, that’s a whole other set of skills I have yet to master. I will take that challenge, however, because it is a large part of the process of making work and stepping outside of my own head. If I can just get over the deer-in-the-headlights response that would be a huge step in the right direction!

Check out Ed’s article here!

**Painting is “Lift Off” part of the Mischief and Other Tales exhibit at UWS’s Kruk gallery

You’re Invited!

The 25 paintings in this show were pure delight to create. Hope to see you there ;)


Mischief and Other Tales

at the University of Wisconsin, Superior’s Kruk Gallery

Opening Reception: Thursday, Nov 12, 5-7pm.

Show runs from Nov 9-Dec 11.

Facebook Event Link

And if you need a little more incentive:

I created four unique, homemade coloring pages like the ones below for this event. They will be available for children, the child at heart, the socially awkward or really anyone who loves a good surge of creativity in the midst of an exhibit. They were so fun to make, I might just make a coloring book one of these days!

                                          Billy (1) Frances (1)

**Painting is “Carrots Really Improved Her Vision”

Real life, Baby

IMG_0542The times when life and work collide. I was curiously “not alone” in my studio yesterday. Painting in a room off the living room affords me plenty of interaction time with the family. The two kids, the dog and I were enjoying a rousing Star Trek. Shortly after this photo, with no where left for me to work, I packed up the paints and called it a night :)

“What’cha doing in there, Mom?””

IMG_0531Because my studio is off our living room, this is a question I hear a lot.  I also hear a lot of: I don’t like that or I think you should change this. My children’s feedback is helpful. . . sometimes. I love that they are interested in what I do all day. I’m glad they get to see the whole of it, the struggles and victories, the ups and downs of following your passion. It’s not just the mountaintop of inspiration all day long. There is some sweating and reprioritizing and vulnerability that follow. It is a long steady climb of consistency and persistence, staying teachable, humble and full of grace for yourself. It’s trying, falling, getting back up, not pulling yourself up by your bootstraps but sinking yourself into a strength not of your own. It’s facing your fears and running the race before you as best as you are able. It’s finding such joy and satisfaction not in yourself, but in doing what you were meant to do.

**Painting is “It Happened One Day In A Forest Far Away”


IMG_0491Just put the finishing touches on “Chicken Fight” the last remaining painting for my Mischief series. Now I can begin the joyous task of wiring the backs of 25 paintings so they can grace the walls of the Kruk Gallery in a little over a week!

I painted this whole series in just two months, so yeah, I have become an agoraphobic and coffee addict. Time to take a walk and practice communicating with the humans again!

Mischief and Other Tales