I’ve Got Great News!

Final Cover-FRONT

My husband’s riveting memoir, The Emancipation of a Buried Man is now available on Amazon and it’s on sale! Follow the link below to view all three versions (paperback, ebook, and audio). I may have had something to do with the painting on the cover and (a proud moment here**ahem**) the title :) This is such a worthy read, not just cuz I love, believe in and am married to the author, but because the story is truly amazing, riddled with pain, lostness, hope, adventure, wit–I mean serious laugh-out-loud, wet-your-pants(or maybe that’s just me?) funny moments.

Here’s the description from his cover:

A child of a hoarder—an outcast growing up amid shocking squalor—finds purpose in this vivid memoir. Broken, alone and buried in a house full of junk and shame, Eddy Gilmore takes the “normal” route out—institutionalized learning. But when college life fails to offer meaning, the young man reaches a turning point, a point at which he abandons social norms, abandons the status quo, and strikes out on his own. A lifetime of adventure packed into a nine-month “gestational” period awaits: face-to-face encounters with wildlife, a devastating monsoon, a magical winter near the Canadian border, the kindness of strangers. Gilmore’s quest for knowledge and wisdom through experience, adventure, faith, and books will engage you as the author comes to fully experience the world for the first time.

Follow this link to take a peek at The Emancipation of a Buried Man!

branch-headed children

IMG_4754I just love the beginning stages of a painting. . . so ripe with possibility. . . so much potential. . . so understated and haunting. Like skeletons of what’s to come. I often sit and stare at them, all that negative space and the bone structure with glimpses a future. I may just create a whole series of these beginnings just because they fascinate me so much. Such it is with this gigantor piece I worked on one night this weekend. Not sure if I want to keep it light and fruity or dark and moody. . . leaning towards the lighter option. Oh and wow, time for a studio cleaning!