beginnings and ends

This was greeting me this morning after a long week away from the studio:


Thoughts for today:

What starts off as an attempt at something else, often becomes something altogether different. Being able to accept that I didn’t accomplish what I set out to do is a habit I’m trying to embrace. It’s freeing to let go of perfectionist control and allow myself to explore new territories.

spies like us

I actually waited to finish this piece for a long time, but then the surrounding colors came to me literally in a dream, so I could finally wrap this one up!

Spies Like Us –  now available here :IMG_4386

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Please vote for my piece, “Wonder” in the Saatchi Art online showdown competition!

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Public voting ends Sunday, January 25th 12am. Thank you so much, Friends!

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Some paintings are worth agonizing over. This piece has been unfinished and stacked up against my studio wall for a looooong time. I wrestled with the center section, too many ideas to narrow down. . . which is fodder for future works. . .but one theme kept floating to the surface and felt most fitting for my now:

“Wonder” 18″x24″ acrylic on deep cradled panel, now available at my saatchi site: