Things that appear to be true


I appear to be on Instagram these days. It’s a fairly recent development. A good one. I enjoy the dialogue of creatives. It also lends itself well to studio shots and the daily grind of painting. I’d love to connect with you there:)

Come follow me down the rabbit hole: @shawna_gilmore


**Painting is “Hide And Seek In Keyhole Valley” part of the Land of Wonder series to be exhibited Feb 4 – Apr 2, 2016 at the Duluth Art Institute

A peek in the studio

“Lap Land” on the easel, in-progress and oh so big! She began in fits and starts with a sprinkle of panic, but she seems to be taking shape. The photo bomb in the background is my daughter, who never ceases to surprise, challenge and keep me busy! Her twin brother is a whole other story I’ll save for another day. Believe it or not it is only 4pm in this photo and totally dark, ah winter. . . .the time of year when I don’t feel one bit guilty about cozying up in the studio.IMG_0668