sneak peek

Work in progress photo of “Sneakers”


At any given moment I have several pieces in progress. . .sometimes they vary greatly in style. It’s like a cleansing of my palette to go from more complicated, multi-layered detail work like “Sneakers”  to the broader, larger imagery of something like “Her Golden Goose”  Switching between styles and techniques helps me stay interested and keeps me from spiraling into a black hole of boredom. . . call it ADHD or whatever you will. . .I call it exciting!

See that white stuff out the window? Snow makes my heart glad :)

tamers, charmers and pets

My daughter’s obsession with the animal world is contagious. How we relate with the animal kingdom both domestically and in the wild is definitely intriguing and something I ponder often. I am particularly interested in those with a natural affinity for connecting with unusual pets. I may pursue this idea as a series at some point. We shall see. . until then here’s

Her Golden Goose – 24″x18″ acrylic on cradled wood panel.  Available here :)


another charming fella for you

This here is a Blue Hummingbird Moth. . ..don’t go looking in your reference books for it, however. . . I invented him, well, his lovely colors anyways. I liked these better. Now available here.


Thought you’d like to see what shakes beneath the final painting! It’s a little crazy, so keep your hat on. I do it for the fun of it and sometimes it adds to the final product. I just love knowing there is something completely bonkers going on underneath my paintings. It makes me happy.